Summer activities


Bohinj is the ideal starting point for venturing into the world below Triglav, which is why Triglav was first conquered by the Bohinj people. The Bohinj mountains, full of life in summer, are densely packed with trails. From the lowlands to the highest peaks, Bohinj is an inexhaustible source of new experiences for hikers. There is more than 300 km of marked hiking trails in Bohinj. You can also use the OUTDOOR ACTIVE app to plan your hikes and walks.


Bohinj has a number of cycling routes suitable for different types of cyclists. Families will probably like the Bohinj Cycling Route the most, while more demanding cyclists will like the two stages of the new Juliana Bike touring bike trail. We also highly recommend the guided versions of the cycling tours, especially those that have been certified Bohinjsko/From Bohinj. And follow the golden rules of cycling carefully every time you pedal.


Clean waters and smart fish make for good and interesting fishing. Enjoy unspoiled nature with easy access to fishing spots where every angler can find their own corner.

Julijana Travil

Although the Juliana Trail is a modern acquisition of the Julian Alps Association, it still follows the ancient and centuries-old paths of the local people. They have guided the lives of the people of the Julian Alps for centuries, linking their fields and pastures and strengthening the ties between isolated homesteads. It is the cohesion of communities that has charted the life’s paths of generations. The Juliana Trail takes you through the Julian Alps as they were known in the past and as they are still lived today – a step away from everyday life and a little bit back in time, but always with an eye forward.


Canyoning is a term used to describe swimming and descending down the beds of mountain rivers. Easier parts mostly include swimming and jumping in river pools, in narrower parts you have to use the rope and climb over high waterfalls.

Hours riding

The natural and cultural features of the surroundings enhance the pleasure of contact with horses, making off-road riding the perfect choice for your exploration of Bohinj. If you are on vacation in Bohinj, you are probably quite a nature buff. Those of you who like horses and want to try new things will probably agree that the panoramic views of the surrounding nature are more beautiful and exceptional from horseback.

Winter activities

Skiing and ski resorts

If the snow conditions are right, Bohinj has a number of carefully groomed ski slopes at various ski resorts and winter centres, suitable for a wide range of skiing abilities and tastes. Whether it’s a ski centre with spectacular views at high altitudes or a convenient family ski slope in the valley, all starting points can be reached by SKI BUS during the main ski season. Ski resorts in Bohinj: Vogel, Kozji hrbet, Senožeta, Soriška planina.

Cross country skiing

In optimal snow conditions, Bohinj turns into a cross-country skiing paradise. In total, there is more than 70 km of cross-country skiing trails in the Upper and Lower Bohinj valleys, Pokljuka and Soriška Planina. The cross-country ski run in the upper valley is 500 m away from us.

Ice skating

Ice skating is an exciting and elegant winter activity, especially great for family time outdoors. Two pairs of sharp blades, good balance and gloves, and you’re ready to enjoy on the ice.


Aquapark Bohinj - swimming, saunas, salt room - fun and pampering. Jump into a swimsuit, grab a towel and have fun at the Water Park - a wellness center for the whole family.